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Our Wine Selection

(All Prices Include Sales Tax)


Sweet divide           

A light flavorful "sweet" wine with the flavor characteristics  of peach with a light touch of apricots combined to make a refreshing and complex wine. 

summer's kiss          

A bold "sweet" white wine with flavors and aromas of peach, apricot, baked apple pear, and a hint of tropical fruit (Moscato).

Touch of tiff        

This dark "sweet" red combines the flavors of açaí with sweet, ripe raspberries to create a powerhouse of a wine.

fountain mist     

A white "semi-sweet" wine aromatic character, displaying flowery, almost perfumed aroma's, including flavors of fresh green pears (Riesling).

glowing ember

Our driest white, an enticing deep apple and grapefruit bouquet with apple and citrus notes that follow through to the palate and linger with a dry finish.

highway 47

A sassy red wine with a sweetness bursting through your taste buds. Sensational! (semi-sweet red wine) Good chilled or served at room temperature. 

wild fyre

A dark, dry robust wine reminiscent of the flavors of dark plums, blackberry and chocolate overtones combined with toasted oak.








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